Dusjanbe - Osj ( 1250 km 2 weeks )

Jolien will cycle the Pamir highway with her father in September 2018. We cycled together to Compostela in 2010 ( 2250 km in 15 days ).
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Turnhout Belgium

Time is running fast when you're having fun. Dushanbe, here we come.
P8280003.JPG P8280004.JPG P8280005.JPG
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The flight Brussel - Istanbul felt as if i had booked first class. 70 passengers in a plane with 300 seats is more than enough space for everybody. And a strong cab-driver completed the trip to our ho...
P8290015.JPG P8290017.JPG P8290020.JPG P8290024.JPG P8300026.JPG P8300029.JPG
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After reassembling the bikes we enjoyed cruising the city ( or at least a small part of it ) went to the market and had a nice dinner. Tomorrow will be the start of the biggest challenge for both of u...
P8300002.JPG P8300006.JPG P8300010.JPG P8300011.JPG P8300015.JPG P8300022.JPG P8300023.JPG Q20180830_144635.JPG Q20180830_144944.JPG Q20180830_145304.JPG Q20180830_145541.JPG Q20180830_150048.JPG Q20180830_151300.JPG Q20180830_151959.JPG Q20180830_152034.JPG Q20180830_152304.JPG Q20180830_155211.JPG
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Almost Tavildara - Soforon ( 70 Km )

After a few eggs and some bread we where ready to tackle a new day. Instead of sleeping in Tavildara ( Initial plan ) we had lunch in this nice city ( although described as a ghost town on many blogs ...
P9020224.JPG P9020225.JPG P9020239.JPG P9020243.JPG P9020244.JPG P9020253.JPG P9020257.JPG P9020262.JPG P9020267.JPG P9020270.JPG P9020273.JPG P9020274.JPG P9020278.JPG P9020283.JPG P9020287.JPG P9020289.JPG P9020290.JPG P9020296.JPG P9020303.JPG P9020306.JPG P9020320.JPG P9020324.JPG P9020325.JPG P9020334.JPG P9020338.JPG
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Soforon - Kualaikhum ( 51 Km )

This very gentle family where three generations live together who offered us dinner and breakfast waved us into the mountains. Steep mountains, and dirt road will make sure you don't travel to fast. :...
P9030347.JPG P9030350.JPG P9030352.JPG P9030359.JPG P9030368.JPG P9030376.JPG P9030379.JPG P9030380.JPG P9030388.JPG P9030400.JPG P9030413.JPG P9030420.JPG P9030425.JPG P9030426.JPG P9030454.JPG P9030458.JPG P9030465.JPG P9030469.JPG P9030470.JPG P9030473.JPG
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Kualaikhum - Choroeg ( 242 Km )

Due to the dirt road Jolien and i decided to take a break and to take a taxi to Choroeg. It would give us some extra time to try to finish this cycle adventure. But then, after i was scammed by a woma...
P9040003.JPG P9040011.JPG P9040014.JPG P9040015.JPG P9040017.JPG P9040019.JPG P9040023.JPG P9040027.JPG P9040030.JPG P9040034.JPG P9040037.JPG P9040046.JPG P9040061.JPG P9040064.JPG P9040068.JPG P9040073.JPG
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On doctors advice we only translocate with a taxi. Thank God the botanical garden was closed so my foot could rest the whole day.
P9050007.JPG P9050010.JPG P9050017.JPG P9050021.JPG P9050023.JPG P9050024.JPG P9050028.JPG P9050035.JPG P9050038.JPG
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Choroeg - Ishkashim ( 60 + 49 km )

After 48 hours rest i wanted to see if i could use my foot again for cycling. Blogs said the road was poor and fair compared to bad for the roads we already travelled. And in the beginning on flat sur...
P9060006.JPG P9060009.JPG P9060010.JPG P9060013.JPG P9060014.JPG P9060016.JPG P9060020.JPG P9060024.JPG P9060026.JPG P9060027.JPG P9060031.JPG P9060033.JPG P9060035.JPG P9060037.JPG P9060039.JPG P9060046.JPG P9060051.JPG P9060054.JPG P9060060.JPG P9060062.JPG P9060067.JPG P9060069.JPG P9060072.JPG P9060074.JPG P9060077.JPG P9060079.JPG P9060080.JPG P9060084.JPG P9060086.JPG P9060088.JPG P9060090.JPG P9060097.JPG P9060100.JPG P9060104.JPG P9100001.JPG
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We spent two nights in Ishkashim so we could try to arrange a taxi to Osh where we will fly to Belgium again on Friday. During the day we went to a hot bath and in the evening we arranged a shared tax...
P9070109.JPG P9070111.JPG P9070117.JPG P9070119.JPG P9070120.JPG P9070125.JPG P9070129.JPG P9070130.JPG P9070132.JPG P9070135.JPG P9070141.JPG P9070143.JPG P9070147.JPG P9070152.JPG P9070162.JPG P9070166.JPG P9070174.JPG
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Ishkashim - Murghab

The ordered taxi is not on time or is not in Ishkashim at all. He was coming from Murghab to pick us. So in no time we arranged a new local taxi, who could only bring us to Murghab. We will have to ta...
P9080179.JPG P9080185.JPG P9080189.JPG P9080191.JPG P9080193.JPG P9080197.JPG P9080209.JPG P9080212.JPG P9080213.JPG P9080221.JPG P9080227.JPG P9080234.JPG P9080236.JPG P9080245.JPG P9080247.JPG P9080256.JPG P9080259.JPG P9080275.JPG P9080282.JPG P9080286.JPG P9080305.JPG P9080312.JPG P9090313.JPG
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Murghab - Osh

Marlies and Diego decided to stay in Murghab and to cycle to Osh when Marlies was in good shape again. So we took a taxi and a German hitchhiker joined us to Osh. It was a very long ride, 12 hours in ...
P9090318.JPG P9090334.JPG P9090335.JPG P9090338.JPG P9090348.JPG P9090354.JPG P9090357.JPG P9090364.JPG P9090365.JPG P9090367.JPG P9090370.JPG P9090374.JPG P9090378.JPG P9090382.JPG P9090388.JPG P9090395.JPG P9090399.JPG P9090403.JPG P9090419.JPG P9090435.JPG P9090439.JPG P9090440.JPG P9090446.JPG P9090460.JPG P9090467.JPG P9090483.JPG P9090486.JPG P9090497.JPG P9090501.JPG P9090502.JPG
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